Resolutions: Check In

As the calendar changed from 2014 to 2015, I made a couple of resolutions as part of the Top Ten Tuesday meme.  Now as we get to the mid-way point of the year (again, I ask — where did the time go?!?) I figured I might check in on them and see if I’ve made any progress.

Here are my resolutions:

1.  Whittle down the TBR pile a bit.

Progress:  Well, I suppose I’ve made a small dent in it.  But it is probably the same size it was at the start of the year thanks to a couple of trips to the used book store, filing the reader from NetGalley and seeing lots of books on various people’s blogs and social sites that I just can’t help but add to it!  I suppose it will get whittled down someday….

On a side note, I’ve read 55 books, listened to 14 audio books and read a good number of collected comics/graphic novels.  You can see a full list on the Read in 2015 tab or HERE

2.  Challenge myself more as a reader.  Last year, I started off the year with the intention of trying to read something “literary” at least once a month.   And while I had good intentions, that fell by the wayside as I got distracted by other books.   I’d like to try and get back to the once a month (on average) reading of something that is a bit more challenging.

Progress:  While I’ve re-read a couple of classics, I’m still not quite making the progress on this one that I wanted.  The whole one a month thing went out the window.  I need to pick that back up.

3.  Make to a book club meeting.  A local bookstore has started up a new classics book club and I’d like to try and make it to a meeting.   I read the book for November’s meeting but didn’t quite make it to the meeting.

Progress: Yeah, I’ve made no progress on this one.  I tried to start a book  club at my local library but never heard anything back on it.   Note to self: follow-up.

4.  Watch more movies from the “1001 Movies You Should See In Your Lifetime.”   A bout with strep throat and the TCM app got me started on this kick last summer.  I’ve seen some of the films on the list and others are sitting on the DVR waiting for me to view them.   Like reading, I feel like I want to stretch a bit with my cinematic viewing.

Progress:  I’ve watched a couple of movies from it, though not as many as I’d like.  Come on TCM — help me out here!

5.  Lose Weight.  Yes, it’s generic but I really do need to lose some weight.  More portion control and making sure I’m making better eating choices is a good start.   Plus I know it will benefit my health in the short and long term.

Progress:  So, of all my resolutions this is the one that I’d say I’ve made the most progress on.   Since the start of January, I’ve lost 30 pounds, several waist sizes (thank goodness for suspenders so I can wear my dress pants a bit longer!)  Thanks to my local Y, I joined a master’s swim team to improve my swim technique and endurance.  I’ve also picked up my running a bit in the past couple of months.  (It’s hard to run outside when it’s cold and while I can do the treadmill, it can be teduious).  So far, this year, I’ve run 494.1 mile and swum 233 miles.  And that doesn’t count the miles I’ve put in during spin classes and other exercise classes.


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2 responses to “Resolutions: Check In

  1. Congrats on your weight loss, focus on that positive thing and don’t worry too much about the rest 🙂

  2. Congratulations on your exercise!

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