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Top Ten Tuesday: Inspiring Quotes


Trying to get back into the swing of book blogging and I thought I’d participate in Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

This week’s topic is inspiring quotes from books.  I may not get to to ten, but here are a few I like.

  1. “Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.”  –Neil Gaiman, Coraline
  2. “I wanted you to see what real courage is, instead of getting the idea that courage is a man with a gun in his hand. It’s when you know you’re licked before you begin, but you begin anyway and see it through no matter what. — Harper Lee, To Kill A Mockingbird
  3. “IT IS IMPORTANT, when killing a nun, to ensure that you bring an army of sufficient size.”  — Mark Lawrence, Red Sister
  4. “I’d far rather be happy than right any day.” — Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
  5. “Only children tell the whole truth, you know. That’s what makes them children.” — Stephen King, Pet Sematary 
  6. “Believing in God is as much like falling in love as it is making a decision. Love is both something that happens to you and something you decide upon.”  — Donald Miller, Blue Like Jazz


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