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Doctor Who: The Ghost Monument

doctor-who-s11ep2-0-e1539568668138Last week was all about meeting the new Doctor and assembling her new trio of friends for adventures through time and space.  “The Ghost Monuments” is about that first adventure in time and space — even if the trio is accidentally brought along on the journey to locate the TARDIS.

After being rescued from outer space, the Doctor and company find themselves on a planet called Desolation, which is the end-point for a galactic race that will leave one person wealthy and the other stuck on a world that’s pretty much going to do everything in its power to eliminate him or her as quickly as possible. Seeing a planet where even the water is a threat was a nice touch, though Chris Chibnell’s script doesn’t slow down long enough for us to ask questions like who would design such a planet and why they would do it. Continue reading


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Doctor Who: The Woman Who Fell to Earth

Introducing a new Doctor can be a bit of a tricky thing.  Have too much emphasis on the previous eras of the series and you lose drive-by fans who might be tuning in to see what the new Doctor is like (especially this time around).  Have not enough connection to the history of the show and you run the risk of disenfranchising long-time fans who may decide to not tune in again or won’t make Doctor Who appointment viewing any longer.

Doctor Who Series 11Over the thirty-seven season run of Doctor Who, we’ve seen examples of both.

In many ways, the debut of Jodie Whitacker as Doctor reminds me a bit of how the Jon Pertwee era began, wiping the slate clean for a new era of the series.  For the third Doctor, it was a huge jump from black and white to color.  For Whitacker, it was another major change for the show with the first female Doctor. Continue reading

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TV Round-Up: Manifest: Pilot, Reentry

manifestOver the summer, I saw a couple of promos for NBC’s new series, Manifest, giving away the series premise and showing us the highlights of the first act of its pilot.  Those teases intrigued me enough that I decided to tune into the series and see if it was worth filling a spot on the DVR.

Watching the pilot, I couldn’t help but feel that I wish I hadn’t known the set-up heading into it.  The first act is a taut, well-constructed mystery involving a group of people who gave up their seats on one flight and heading toward New York on the next available flight.  Among them are a woman mulling her boyfriend’s proposal, a boy with a form of pediatric cancer who also has a twin sister and a couple of other various people with varying backstories.  (I have a feeling we’re going to meet more of the passengers and crew as the series develops).

Going through some turbulence, the plane lands only to find that some wacky time-travel has occurred and they’re five years in the future.  And while they haven’t aged, the world has moved on around them.

If you’re worried about SPOILERS, I don’t think I’ve really given anything away (yet) that you couldn’t get in the marketing campaign leading up the series’ debut.  From here on out, I will probably get into some pretty episode specific SPOILERS for the first two episodes.  So, if you haven’t seen ’em and don’t want to know more, turn back now. Continue reading

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