Top Ten Tuesday: Getting Cozy

This week’s prompt for Top Ten Tuesday (hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl) asks us which books are cozy reads for you. Here are a few that jumped to mind.

  1. Doctor Who Target novelizations as audiobooks. I read a metric ton of these in my teen years and I’ve still got my full run of seventh Doctor novels. Audio versions with an actor connected to the televised serial have been coming out for years now and while the range is slowly winding down, these are a great cozy listen. And there are two great podcasts about the range currently running: The Doctor Who Target Book Club and The History of Doctor Who Literature.
  2. Hamilton Duck by Arthur Getz. One of my favorite books from my earliest days as a reader. I’ve still got my well-read copy and shared it with my daughter.
  3. Star Trek novels. Back in the day, I consumed the Pocket tie-in novels for Star Trek, with one or two novels arriving each month. The release schedule has slowed in the last decade or so, as has my consumption. But I have collected a few old favorites via digital sales and used bookstores to visit again.
  4. The Sherlock Holmes canon by Arthur Conan Doyle. One of my favorite series of mysteries.
  5. Beverly Cleary books. I read and re-read these in my younger days and I’ve shared them with my niece and nephew and now my daughter. I listened to several audiobooks a few years ago and enjoyed the memories. Reading them again with my little girl has been fun.
  6. The Best Christmas Pageant Ever by Barbara Robinson. The story of the Herdman family taking over the Christmas pageant never fails to amuse me. We saw it adapted for the stage last year and will be re-reading it together this Christmas season.
  7. A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. In case you haven’t picked up on it, I enjoy audiobooks. And every couple of years, a new performance of his classic story hits audio and I give it a try. Some are good, and some are great. But the story is timeless.
  8. Garrison Keillor’s Lake Wobegon stories. I still love these stories of the small town that time forgot and the decades cannot improve.


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8 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Getting Cozy

  1. lydiaschoch

    This is a great list. I listened to an audiobook version of A Christmas Carol last December and adored it. Might have to do again in a week or two!

    My post:

  2. I haven’t read any of these but have watched/heard enough of a few to know they would definitely be cozy reads.

  3. Awww, I loved all the Beverly Cleary books as a kid, and just reading that in your post gave me such a cozy feeling!

  4. WendyW

    I loved the Beverly Cleary books back when I was young!

  5. I always think I should read A Christmas Carol but never make it happen. I like your audio of going the audio route!

  6. THE BEST CHRISTMAS PAGEANT EVER! Yes. How could I have forgotten this book? It’s such a great one. The movie’s fun, too.

    Happy TTT (on a Wednesday)!


    • I’ve seen the hour-version of Best Christmas Pageant with Loretta Swift as the mom. Is this the same movie? If not, I feel like I need to track down the movie version this year.

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