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Top Ten Tuesday: On the Radar


For the second Top Ten Tuesday of 2019, we’re asked to look ahead to things on our radar for 2019.  I’m going to make this one that includes all of pop-culture.


  1.  Cemetery Road by Greg Isles
  2. Who Killed the Fonz? by James Boice
  3. The Iron Codex by David Mack

TV Shows

  1.  The Passage
  2. Good Omens


  1.  Captain Marvel
  2. Shazaam
  3. Glass
  4. Avengers: End Game

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Top Ten Tuesday: Binge Watcher


Today’s Top Ten Tuesday (hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl) asks us which television series we consider binge worthy.  I’m going to break this up into two lists — shows I want to binge and shows that I’d recommend you watch (whether or not you binge, is entirely up to you).

Shows I Want to Watch/Binge

  1.  Stranger Things
  2. Jack Ryan
  3. The Handmaid’s Tale
  4. Castle Rock
  5. The Man in the High Castle
  6. Bosch (seasons 2 onward)
  7. Altered Carbon
  8. Lost in Space (new version)
  9. Sense 8
  10. Supergirl (season two onward)
  11. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (season two onward)
  12. Arrow (seasons five and six)
  13. Game of Thrones (season four to present)
  14. Sharp Objects
  15. The Expanse

Shows I Recommend For Watching/Binging

  1.  Breaking Bad
  2. Star Trek
  3. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
  4. Doctor Who 
  5. Arrested Development
  6. Battlestar Galactica
  7. The Flash 
  8. Better Call Saul
  9. Mad Men
  10. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Needless to say, my list of shows I’d like to binge/watch is as long as my TBR pile.  Part of why I don’t get as much time to binge as I’d like when it comes to the series offered on streaming services is that I’m not sure if or how much adult content is in there. With Shortcake repeating a lot of what she hears said, I don’t necessarily want her to learn certain words from Daddy watching something.  So, I tend to wait until she’s asleep to try and consider watching them, but then end up watching other things instead or sleeping while she sleeps.


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Top Ten Tuesday: Books I’d Like To Read Now (But Aren’t On Shelves Yet)


Jumping back into the Top Ten Tuesday (hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl) meme with the books I’d love to read now, but haven’t been published yet.

Here are a couple of books I’m looking forward to reading this year:

  1.  The Outsider by Stephen King
  2. The Perfect Mother by Aimee Molloy
  3. Vengeful by V.E. Schwaub
  4. Oh My Stars by Sally Kilpatrick
  5. Star Trek: Discovery: Fear Itself by James Swallow
  6. 84K by Claire Noth




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Top Ten Tuesday: Spring TBR


Happy first day of Spring!

To celebrate, this week’s Top Ten Tuesday (hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl) asks what books are on the Spring To-Be-Read list.  I’ve got a couple of books I’m looking forward to reading this spring and there are probably some from my Winter TBR list that I haven’t read yet but need to get around to reading!

  1.  Sunburn by Laura Lippman
  2. Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi
  3. Red Sparrow by Jason Matthews
  4. The Outsider by Stephen King
  5. Pretty Girls Dancing by Kylie Brant
  6. Gods, Monsters, and the Lucky Peach by Kelly Robson


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Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Quotes


This week’s focus for Top Ten Tuesday (hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl) is our favorite quotes.  Here are a few that have stood out to me over the years. Continue reading


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Top Ten Tuesday: Book I Could Re-Read Again and Again


Time for Top Ten Tuesday (hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl).  This week’s topic is the books we could read multiple times.

I’m going to include some old favorites and some new ones that I love reading to Shortcake. Continue reading


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Top Ten Tuesday: Love Is In the Air


Love is in the air for this week’s Top Ten Tuesday (hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl).  In honor of Valentine’s Day, this week is a “love freebie.”

My top ten this week centers on pop culture couples I’ve enjoyed.

  1.  The Taylors on Friday Night Lights.  The initial hook of the show was about football in a small town. But what kept me hooked for five seasons was the characters and the relationships. And the centerpiece of that was Coach Eric Taylor and Tami Taylor. They had their ups, their downs and everything in between.  And it always felt authentic. If you haven’t checked out Friday Night Lights yet, please add it to your “to be watched” list.
  2. Buffy and Angel on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  While many fans hold up season three as the pinnacle of Buffy greatness, this fan prefers season two.  At the center of that was the relationship of Buffy and Angel.   Over the course of 22 episodes, the two get together, consummate the relationship, and then have it all go to hell, ending with Buffy having to sacrifice Angel to save the world.  I love season two and the roller coaster ride that is Buffy and Angel that year.
  3. Sheridan and Delenn on Babylon Five. One of the best sci-fi romances out there. If you haven’t watched Babylon Five, consider it a must-see.
  4. Bill Adama and Laura Roslin on Battlestar Galactica.  Another sci-fi show that gets the romance angle right. The slow burn between Adama and Roslin is just part of what makes this one of the best shows ever made.
  5. Sam and Diane on Cheers.  Cheers is a master’s course on how to do comedy — and how to do a romantic comedy.  I’ve been visiting the series again and I’m pleased with how well it all holds up, especially Sam and Diane.
  6. Lois and Clark on Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.  The first season is a screwball comedy delight and season three when Lois figures out that Clark Kent equals Superman has some high points.  The series really jumped the shark when they had the five-part wedding storyline that ended with the characters not married and Lois suffering amnesia and falling in love with her therapist (but I’m not still bitter…noooooo, not at all!) But even when the series got completely off the rails, the chemistry of Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher made this show.
  7. Hildy and Walter from His Girl Friday.  The perfect screwball comedy, this one is a joy to watch. I love the chemistry between the two divorced reporters and how we know from the first scene they share that they’re going to get back together.  If you haven’t seen it, consider this one the second add to your watch list recommendation from this list.
  8. Posey and John from Bless Her Heart by Sally Kilpatrick. Hard to pick just one couple from Sally Kilpatrick’s romance novels, but this one was the most recent and freshest in my memory. Part of it may be that Posey and John are both flawed characters with unique pasts but can still fall in love. It’s not a smooth road and the ending doesn’t wrap it all up with a nice bow. It leaves our lovers in a place that feels authentic and that there’s potential for a great future together.
  9. Rory and Amy Pond from Doctor Who. Notice that I don’t put Rose and the Doctor here. I won’t spend eighteen hundred words going into why I didn’t care for their “romance.”  Instead, I prefer Amy and Rory from the (superior) Moffat-era of the show.  While it’s not perfect and the two have their ups and downs, I couldn’t help but enjoy their relationship.


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