Bookish (And Not So Bookish) Thoughts: Sci-Fi Month Reflections

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  1.  One of my entry points to sci-fi fandom was (like many) Star Wars.  I remember the first action figure my parents got for me was an R2-D2.  R2 used to have a ton of adventures on our swing set and took a lot of abuse going down the slide. I know Star Wars action figures are worth a nice sum of cash today, but none of mine were in any kind of collectible condition after all the years of playing with them.
  2. Another factor in the lack of collectibility value of my Star Wars figures was we lived in Hawaii for a while growing up.  And the Air Force engineers dug a ditch in our yard. If you don’t know, Hawaii has red dirt that stains EVERYTHING.  And this ditch made a GREAT alien world for my action figures.  So, they were pretty stained up by the time I was done with them.
  3. I also kept all my action figures in an old Star Wars lunchbox. Ahhh, the days when we had metal lunchboxes.
  4. As much as I enjoy Star Wars, I still haven’t had time to watch Rogue One. It’s not lack of interest so much as lack of time. Or the feeling that I want/need to commit two plus hours to it. And with Shortcake, that isn’t always possible. And, so far, she has shown next to no interest in Star Wars.
  5. trekoutfits

    A good friend sent Shortcake this onesie so we could have matching outfits! I’m totally saving this photo for the montage at her wedding!

    On the other hand, she enjoys Star Trek and will look at the screen when the theme for Original Series or Next Generation comes on. Her Daddy couldn’t be more proud.

  6. When she was smaller, we used to “swoosh” across the living room when the Enterprise swooshed by in the opening credits. And she loved that too.  She’s not too big to do that still.  I think I may have to try it again with her before she gets too big.
  7. Speaking of Star Trek, I can’t believe this week is the mid-season finale for Discovery.  Man, the first nine weeks have just zoomed by!
  8. I’ve got the first tie-in novel for Discovery sitting on my TBR pile, just mocking me. I think I may have to read it during the hiatus.
  9. Starting to catch up on The Flash this season and I’m loving season four. Only up to episode three, so if it all goes to heck in a handbasket, don’t tell me.  It feels like the whole show has found its balance again and I’m loving it.
  10. So, it’s Sci-Fi Month and I’m trying to read/watch stuff in the sci-fi world.  Any recommendations from anyone?


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9 responses to “Bookish (And Not So Bookish) Thoughts: Sci-Fi Month Reflections

  1. Adorable photo! Shortcake looks very eager to watch all the movies…LOL.

    I haven’t seen all the movies, but because of Carrie Fisher, I’ve started them one by one.

    Thanks for sharing…and for visiting my blog. Enjoy those NetGalley books!!

  2. Next Generation is my favorite of Star Trek – Data and Geordie are my favorite characters, too. 🙂

    Rogue One is excellent – I wasn’t entirely sold on it until I went to see it.

    As for new shows, I’ve really been enjoying The Gifted on Fox. I haven’t tried Discovery yet, though.

  3. Glad you are joining scifi month! It’s one of my favorite blogging events of the year.

  4. I gave all my toys a good beating too. What I wouldn’t give for my Cabbage Patch doll! I had a tin lunchbox too, it was that faceless Holly Hobby. I remember it rusted out from me not screwing my thermos on properly. You and your baby are too adorable! She has great taste, I love the old episodes of Star Trek, I still watch them! For Sci-Fi, I’d recommend (Mindhunter or What Happened to Monday–I think they fall under sci-fi/thriller, but they’re both pretty good, and of course Stranger Things.

  5. Hm, I wonder what my first entry point was? Could have been… Stargate, or maybe… Mom used to watch Babylon 5 and Sliders when I was little. I didn’t watch those, but I was sort of… There. I think the first thing I consciously watched was Stargate the movie and Stargate SG-1. Didn’t have anything collectible though, cause I lived in a post-soviet country at the time. We had nothing 😀
    And maybe Star Wars was too expensive for our TV channels at the time, because the funny thing is that I first saw Spaceballs 😀 and only then in a good couple years did they air Star Wars (there was no other way to see it where I lived). So I suppose Star Wars reached me quite late. I must have been maybe 14 or something. Way after the 2000s maybe even.
    I have way too many recommendations, if you want to see them all, come visit my blog, I have a list of hopeful scifis, and also a post about a book series you shouldn’t miss (Remembrance of Earth’s Past) 🙂

  6. Cute photo. I don’t read much sci-fi. I did watch Rogue One and it left me in tears for like 45 minutes.

  7. That onesie is adorable!

    I would honestly question someone who has collectible toys that were in a sell-able condition from their childhood.
    Then again, my daughter has always “played” with her toys by sorting them and looking at them. It’s still weird.

    First entry into Sci-Fi? Definitely Star Trek: TNG and also Back to the Future. Hell, Wednesdays were Voyager nights and it was the only time we were allowed to eat in front of the TV.
    Most of my Star Trek memories are from Voyager because I was older and the memories would actually stick. I know we did watch TNG and some of the movies because two of my siblings and I were OBSESSED with Q.

  8. Hallo, Hallo Michael,

    I LOVE how you compiled this journal entry for #RRSciFiMonth into a diary of how geeky you are on Trek + Wars! 🙂 I was not a bit surprised your daughter LOVES the theme to Star Trek! There is something quite wicked about the music – I can see her getting jazzed about the music on DS9 + Voyager opening credits, too! 🙂

    I inherited my love of Sci-Fi from both my parents – Daddy esp loved the Orig Trek — lots of lovely memories racing home from school + work (respectively) to see which episodes were taped (remember VHS?) and having what we call a ‘binge’ these days! lol :O Between Star Trek + Star Wars I was in good company — however, I haven’t followed either past their creators (ie. Roddenberry + Lucas) as to me Abrams destroyed what I loved about each universe (sorry, but that’s IMHO).

    The snapshot which accompanies this post is just wonderful! You have a budding sci geek in your daughter, I can see! You should re-enact the Tribble scene too! They have stuffies that look like those aliens, you know! I have a feeling I’ll be doing similar things when I have my children! Best part is with everything going on dvd, we get to re-introduce *everything!* we love to the next generations — which at times, seem like better faire than new releases – not always, but sometimes, yes.

    Recs — I tried ‘Tomorrowland’ and I failed to get the point — the narration being interrupted for the nth time just was a bit too much. My favourite sequence was the rocket pack! I am re-watching Gattaca — whilst trying to see if Firefly or Farscape make it via ILL (inter-library loan). I never had the proper chance to see either one! lol

    I wanted to watch the new Trek, but I had to give up CBS All Access for awhile.. sighs. along with Netflix of course… oy! One day I shall get properly caught up again! I even miss NCIS + The Fosters. Oy.

    I’ll have to think a bit about further rec’s… drawing a blank! You’ve seen Avatar though right!? I am so itching for the 3x sequels now that they’ve been properly announced & are being filmed. OOh! Did you see Sky Captain & the World of Tomorrow!? It’s very uniquely filmed/produced!! I think it fits within Dieselpunk which is an off-shoot of Steampunk?!

    *Don’t forget to vote in my Poll for the #RRSciFiMonth chat I’m hosting!

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