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Some Thoughts On Love Never Dies

watch-love-never-dies-onlineAfter enjoying last weekend’s streaming performance of one of my favorite musicals, The Phantom of the Opera, I was intrigued to see that this weekend’s offering was Andrew Lloyd Weber’s sequel Love Never Dies.   Having never experienced the musical before, I decided to go in without any preconceptions, which meant I didn’t stream the soundtrack or look up any details about it on Wikipedia.

I was intrigued and excited as I sat down to watch this sequel Friday evening.  It would take a lot to equal or even top Phantom of the Opera in my mind, but I was optimistic about Love Never Dies.

The opening song as the Phantom laments the way things ended with Christine and his desire to hear her sing again held promise.

Unfortunately, it was all downhill from there.

I’m not saying that Love Never Dies is terrible, so much as it’s disappointing.    For one thing, Lloyd-Weber seemingly ignores the timeline he used for the original story, claiming that it’s only been ten years since Phantom ended but using dates don’t quite concur with that.

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