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Way Back Wednesday: The Star Prince

waybackwednesdayTime again for Way Back Wednesday hosted by A Well Read Woman.  This meme asks us to look back at the books we’ve read that have had a particular impact on us.

starprinceThis week, I’m going to look at a book-on-cassette that I had growing up The Star Prince.

The Star Prince is one of a series of adapted science-fiction stories from AudiSee.   Advances in science have led to humanity being smarter than ever before — with a few exceptions.   One of those is Brand, the son of a academic couple.   Because his father, Morton,  chose to let Brand live instead of “disposing” of him as a baby, the family bears the stigma of raising him.  A career cross-roads, the father decides that he will take Brand to a space colony so he can find a life there.

Brand is excited about this because he’s had dreams since he was a young child of a forest by a lake.   However, the colony chosen may not have this particular feature.   Traveling to the colony, the family’s space ship breaks down and they’re forced to crash land on a planet that has the forest by the lake.   The planet’s inhabitants are a telepathic people who see Brand as their chosen leader, foretold as coming from the stars. Continue reading


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