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Doctor Who: Shada

shada1.png“Shada” is something of an enigma in the Doctor Who canon.  The final story of the much-maligned season 17, production was suspended due to an industrial strike at the BBC with just over half the story filmed.  And while there were several attempts to get it remounted, “Shada” never saw the light of day again and was “lost.”

For years, the only snippets we got were those in “The Five Doctors” to cover Tom Baker’s absence.

Since that time, “Shada” has become one of the more re-told and released stories in the classic Who canon.  We had the VHS release of the completed bits with linking narration (in character as the Doctor, I might add) by Tom Baker.  We had the animated web version with Paul McGann as the Doctor and then an audio version by Big Finish (also featuring McGann as Doctor).  There was an adaptation of the original scripts in printed form a couple of years back and an accompanying audiobook release, as well. (This is to say nothing of a certain fan’s creating his own animated version) Continue reading

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