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TV Round-Up: Des

des-david-tennantAn episode of Animaniacs features the Warner family at the mall, attempting to entice passers-by into taking a survey about the participant’s interest in watching shows with actor George Wendt and shows with George Wendt eating beans. In many ways, I feel like this was a precursor of today’s algorithms that monitor where you go on-line and then begins to feed you ads based on that history.

I’m a Doctor Who fan. I’ve watched David Tennant’s era as the Doctor and have participated in online forums discussing Tennant’s tenure as the Doctor. So, it was probably inevitable that Facebook’s algorithm would pick this up and begin to feed me ads for other shows featuring David Tennant.

For a couple of weeks, it felt like every other ad I saw was for the U.S. streaming debut of Des. So, when the opportunity came along to get a month of AMC+ at a reduced rate, I decided I’d give it a try, if only to watch Des.

Before beginning the series, I was blissfully unaware of who Dennis Nilson was. And after spending a little less than three hours with this miniseries, I’m still not quite sure any significant answers have been provided. Continue reading

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