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TV Review: Breaking Bad, Eureka

It’s kind of a bittersweet week for two of my favorite shows.  Breaking Bad makes its return, kicking off the fifth and final season of what is one of the best–and most addictive–shows on TV.  Then we’ve got Eureka winding up its five season on the air with a series finale that, for the most part, hits all the right notes.

I’ll get into details on each one, including SPOILERS for both (and for the entire run of both shows) but first let’s all declare it Miller Time for both shows…

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TV Thoughts: Game of Thrones, Eureka

Game of Thrones: Garden of Bones

If you can’t show every single battle on the show due to time constraints and budget limitations, at least you can make the lack of screen battles interesting.*  That’s how “Garden of Bones” starts out this week, showing us the lead-up to and the aftermath of Robb Stark’s attack on the Lannister camp.

*This doesn’t mean we don’t eventually need to show a battle or two on-screen.  But I have a feeling those will come later this season. 

At several points this week, the aftermath and impact the war is having are shown.  It was a week with a lot of flinch inducing moment, most notably the scene where Robb helps hold down an injured enemy soldier and he has to have his foot removed to prevent further infection.   Once again, this is one of those things you just wouldn’t necessarily get away with on broadcast television or basic cable.

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