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Review: Breaking Bad 101 by Alan Sepinwall

Breaking Bad 101: The Complete Critical CompanionLooking back, I wish I could say I was on board with Breaking Bad from the beginning.

Lured by the potential of a former X-Files writer, I tuned into the first installment and let the first season stack up on my DVR – only to delete it when the DVR got full.

I didn’t quite connect with what Vince Gilligan and company were trying to do in season one. But with seasons two and three generating such a huge buzz, I decided to give the show another try. Like the product at the center of this show, I was hooked, binging all of season three in the weekend leading up to the debut of season four and then breathlessly waiting each new installment as they aired. Continue reading

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TV Review: Breaking Bad Madrigal

The second of our eight Breaking Bad installments for the summer focuses a bit more on Mike and his role going forward with the new crime organization Walt wants to create.   Just how that will unfold remains to be seen, but I’m slowly beginning to think that it will be Walt’s own ego and arrogance that brings him down.

I’ll get into greater detail on “Madrigal” but only after we find a new way to use a portable defibrillator…

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TV Review: Breaking Bad, Eureka

It’s kind of a bittersweet week for two of my favorite shows.  Breaking Bad makes its return, kicking off the fifth and final season of what is one of the best–and most addictive–shows on TV.  Then we’ve got Eureka winding up its five season on the air with a series finale that, for the most part, hits all the right notes.

I’ll get into details on each one, including SPOILERS for both (and for the entire run of both shows) but first let’s all declare it Miller Time for both shows…

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