20 Books of Summer, 2022 Edition

A couple of summers ago, I participated in the 20 Books of Summer Challenge and really enjoyed it. So, when I heard the challenge had continued and was renewed again for this summer, I decided to jump in. And since technically it’s only been a few days since meteorological summer began, I’m only slightly behind, right?

So, here’s what I hope to read this summer (and this could totally change, of course)

  1. Star Wars: Brotherhood by Michael Chen
  2. Ordinary Monsters by J.T. Miro
  3. Sparring Partners by John Grisham
  4. Reckless Girls by Rachel Hawkins
  5. Just Like Home by Sarah Gailey
  6. Something to Hide by Elizabeth George
  7. Doctor Who and the Power of Kroll by Terrance Dicks
  8. Today, Tonight, Tomorrow by Rachel Lynn Solomon
  9. Book Worms by Emily Henry (audiobook)
  10. Doctor Who: The Reign of Terror by Ian Marter (audiobook)
  11. Boom Town by Garrison Keillor (audiobook)
  12. Weather Girl by Rachel Lynn Solomon
  13. This Time Tomorrow by Emma Straub
  14. When She Was Good by Michael Robotham
  15. The Club by Ellery Lloyd
  16. Doctor Who and the Face of Evil by Terrance Dicks (audiobook)
  17. The Decomposition of Jack by Kristen Tubb O’Donnell
  18. Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens
  19. Birds of California by Katie Cotugno

And I’m going to leave myself some wiggle room with a couple of “wild cards” because you never quite know what will catch my eye on the library shelf or the Galley of Nets.


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2 responses to “20 Books of Summer, 2022 Edition

  1. Thanks for joining in – there’s still plenty of time left! I’m very keen to read The Club so look forward to hearing what you think. Happy reading!

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