TV Round-Up: WandaVision, Previously On…

WandaVision-Episode-8-Wanda-Agatha-Elizabeth-Olsen-Kathryn-HahnFollowing last week’s revelation that it was “Agatha All Along,” WandaVision takes a few moments for the implications of that to set in a bit and bring those of us who don’t have every nuance of Marvel Comics continuity memorized up to speed.

In the prologue, we learn that Agatha’s powerful and has been around for a while now. I have to think that Agatha having to battle her own mother in the 1600’s left a few unresolved issues for her – and that could be what we’re seeing play out now. Agatha’s fascinations with what makes Wanda tick and what led her to become so powerful was fascinating and played out well over the rest of the installment.

And I found myself feeling a bit more sympathy for Wanda this week — especially with the backstory that she finds comfort in sit-coms. As a person who has his comfort food bits of pop culture (Doctor Who, classic Star Trek, Happy Days), that I will go to when I’m feeling down or just want a distraction from the world, seeing that Wanda escaped into the sitcoms she’s brought to life was a nice touch — even if the timeline doesn’t necessarily add up for her dad to have Malcolm in the Middle DVDs. I did find myself wanting to watch the episodes that are referenced in the episode just to find out if there is any greater meaning to them. I also can’t help but think that Wanda’s creation of the “perfect” family inside the Hex is some kind of wish fulfillment for the perfect family she’s never seemed to have in real life.

Meanwhile, the series also continues to make me question where the truth really lies in things. Again in a flashback, we see that Hayward manipulated Wanda in an attempt to get her to revive the Vision. It brings up the question of just where did Hayward get the footage of Wanda’s violent taking of the Vision’s body that we saw in episode four. Did he create the footage to turn SWORD sentiment against Wanda? Or is he somehow in league with Agatha? Agatha wants to find out why and how Wanda is so powerful and Hayward wants to get the Vision back online.

wandavision8-12I did find it interesting that Wanda sees a vision (no pun intended) of someone powerful moving toward her and that part of things wasn’t in the security footage.

And to see that Wanda created the Hex out of her grief at the loss of her family and the Vision — well, it makes a lot of sense. I do wonder just how powerful her version of the Vision is and what may happen when and if he goes up against the White Vision we saw in the post-credits scene.

A few answers, a few more questions. One more installment to wrap it all up, though I do find it interesting that the finale director is already cautioning fans that we may not get all the answers we’ve speculated on in the finale. Given how Star Wars fans have thrown a tantrum when the movies didn’t match up to their expectations or their own fan-fic, I think that’s probably wise. But I fully expect a lot of trolls to chime in on how this is the worst thing ever within ten minutes of the finale dropping later this week.

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