TV Round-Up: WandaVision, Breaking the Fourth Wall

vdc1250-107-comp-v004-r709-a3f29eea-1613732413I hate the way consuming pop culture has become a contest these days — well, at least to certain sites. There is such a rush to consume something and to be the first to discuss the details or twists and turns of a thing.

Look, I get it — not everyone can consume something at the same time or at the same speed. And while I appreciated the light SPOILERs that staying through the closing credits was a necessity this week (I always have because I like opening credits), the big reveal was ruined for me Friday morning by a headline that came through my feed.

And I know, part of the SPOILER responsibility is mine. But I also think you shouldn’t put a freakin’ spoiler in your stinkin’ headline!

OK, rant over.

Because this felt like an episode that is setting up the end game for the series. All the pieces are in place and the revelations have come. Now, it’s just a matter of all those pieces getting knocked down.

wandavision7With the revelation that Agnes is Agatha, someone who has a similar powerset to Wanda, the purpose of the Hex may be becoming clearer. Is Agatha pushing Wanda to increase her powers by preying on her depression and grief over the death of her brother and Vision. Was it Agatha who resurrected both? (We know she pushed Pietro to Wanda). Did she disguise herself as Wanda to get the Vision’s body? And does she have some sinister agenda with the twins?

I also question just how aware of what’s going on in town she is, given that Monica is able to push through the barrier without raising Agatha’s awareness I can’t help but wonder who is in control of the Hex and what the agenda really is. I wouldn’t put it past anyone for SWORD to somehow be behind this in an attempt to bring Vision back or to possibly reengineer Ultron.

I do think that Hayward has a larger agenda, influenced by his fear from being left behind in the Blip. I get a feeling that he’s trying to close the barn door after the horse has escaped and that whatever threat shows up next for the Avengers to assemble and deal with will be greater than we got with Thanos.

As for the Vision, I did find it interesting that he spends a lot of the episode trying to get to town — at times, forgetting he can fly or that he should stop talking about things and get to doing things. And even by the end of the episode, he wasn’t on scene yet, though I think that will change quickly.

Two more episodes to go and a lot to wrap up. I just hope I can enjoy the revelations and not have them spoiled again…

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