TV Round-Up: WandaVision, All New Halloween Spooktacular

Wandavision-Season-1-Episode-6-RecapWell, that escalated quickly, didn’t it?

After a couple of weeks of wondering just how the people trapped in Westview were faring if not in Wanda’s immediate sphere of influence, we found out this week, thanks to the Vision. The answer is — not well. They appear to be stuck but with an awareness of what’s happening to them. I’m going to assume based on the tear rolling down the cheek of the woman apparently stuck forever hanging laundry, that they’re all in some type of pain — whether it’s physical or emotional. I imagine it’s frustrating for them to be stuck in the perfect for her only town that Wanda has (apparently) created around her.

The more we see, the more I wonder just how much control over this scenario Wanda actually has. Last week, she told the kids she can’t resurrect the dead — but she’s done that with Vision and now her brother. Despite being the center of this universe, I can’t help but wonder how much control she really has over things. She can apparently expand that power and the sphere of the universe a bit. But what would she have done if pulled Hayward in there with her? Would she enact some type of revenge on him for attacking her home and family? While we met Wanda as a villain, it’s hard to imagine (at this point) that she’d hurt someone.

Again, I think there is something else pulling the strings here or manipulating Wanda’s grief to create the illusion.

And I can’t help but think that Agnes is part of the answer to this.

wandavision-vision-halloween-costume-1607787474286Her interaction with the Vision feels a bit much like she’s forcing an issue. After all, given how close Agnes has been the past few weeks to the family, for her to get so far out of town and Wanda’s sphere of influence seems a bit suspect. It almost feels like she’s throwing more gas onto the flame by telling Vision that he’s dead and that she was hoping he’d be part of rescuing the town. It seems that Vision is one of the few left with free will to resist Wanda, as evidenced by his leaving the Hex to see what’s going on outside. And it almost costs him his life again. Given what we’ve seen in the previews, I can’t imagine this version of Vision continuing to go along with Wanda’s control of the town (we’ve seen them talking about defending their home, which seems at odds with what is happened to this point with Vision).

Meanwhile, outside the Hex, things are also interesting. Hayward has pushed his level of smarminess to a whole new level, but it’s one you can almost understand. He’s angry and upset at the people who blipped and didn’t have to endure five years of half the world’s population being gone. He tells Monica that she can’t understand what it was like to have to do the heavy lifting of carrying on for those five years.

I also think that Monica’s repeated exposure to various events is opening up the door to mutants in the MCU. Darcy’s concern at Monica’s cell structure being compromised seems to hint toward this, as does the arrival of an X-Man from another timeline.

Three episodes left — and I can’t believe that Pietro was the big guest star that’s been hinted about for this show. (And I hope that if and when said guest star shows up that the Internet doesn’t ruin it for all of us who don’t wake up at 3 a.m. to see the episode as it drops).

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