TV Round-Up: WandaVision, On A Very Special Episode…

AScreen-Shot-2021-02-05-at-8.14.14-AMs much as I like it when a new show drops all of its episodes on a certain day, I’ve got to admit there’s still part of me that prefers the weekly episode model being used by WandaVision. Not only does it give time for the ramifications of huge events to sink in, but it also gives the audience time to speculate and built anticipation for the next episode.

Because let’s face it — after this installment, I doubt I will wait long after episode six drops to watch it. (I’m not going to do something crazy like set an alarm for 3 a.m., mind you. But it’s not like other streaming shows where I figure I’m not as devoted or devious as some watchers who want to watch it all ASAP so they can be the first to SPOIL everything.)

But before we get to the huge reveal that ends the episode, I’ve got a few other questions and thoughts.

So, it’s revealed that the character playing in Wanda’s universe are aware of what’s going on, even if they can’t necessarily express it. How much is Wanda manipulating them and is everyone aware of it, or only characters who come into regular contact with Wanda and Vision? Agnes is apparently aware enough that she asks to try the scene again when Vision apparently misses his cue and Vision’s co-worker when given a moment of freedom from his sit-com role expresses concern for his family.

wandavision-episode-5-review-very-special-episode-marvel-mcuThis leads me to the second thought which is just how self-aware Vision is and how far he exists outside of Wanda’s control. His frustration of having no memories beyond his life in Eastview is interesting, as is his apparently growing defiance of Wanda’s desire to have a seemingly perfect sitcom life together (up to and including kids who age mid-scene instead of between seasons). The growing tension between the two boils over when Vision refuses to allow Wanda to end an episode (despite the credits rolling) and confronts her about whatever is going on.

There’s also the question of just how much Wanda is controlling things. We see her left the Hex (dubbed so by Darcy) and confront SWORD, telling them to leave her and her home alone. Interestingly, she switches to her Slakovia accent at this point, which brings up the question of just which Wanda is the real one? We certainly saw her get away from that accent in the movies, so why is it coming back? Is Wanda losing control by being outside the bubble or is it some kind of deep-seated embrace of herself as a villain as opposed to her evolution toward becoming an Avenger?

And is the town and the Hex responding to some deep-seated desire in Wanda for family by resurrecting the Vision, giving her kids who sit-com age at the drop of a hat, and then restoring her dead brother — even if it’s apparently in a completely different version of the same person.

With Marvel getting the rights back to several key characters from other studios, this use of the X-Men movie universe of Quicksilver was a nice cameo and well-earned by the show. I think it also opens the door (pun fully intended) to other multiverse aspects of the MCU coming to the fore in future projects. It also makes me wonder again how much damage Wanda (or whoever is behind this) is doing with these re-writes and rewinds.

Oh, it’s going to be a fun final four episodes to see where this all goes.

I fully expect some type of cliffhanger to keep us hanging…

Until that point, can we talk about just how cool the credits for this one were?  That blend of the opening credits to Family Ties and Growing Pains was pure genius.  That alone made the episode worth the time.

And while the show may not pay homage to two of my favorites, I’d still love to see Wanda and the Vision in Happy Days and Seinfeld….

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