Reading With Shortcake

It’s been a while since I checked in on Reading with Shortcake.  But not for lack of reading to her.  If anything, we’ve read a lot of books together — most of them many times.   It’s to the point that she can recite some of them to us and even knows when to turn the pages (which I’ve got to get on video soon, I keep reminding myself).

Here’s some of what we’ve been reading:

Another Monster at the End of This BookAnother Monster at the End of This Book by Jon Stone

After picking up a copy of the original Monster at the End of This Book for Shortcake, I was both excited and wary of this sequel.

We checked a copy out of our library and I’ve got to admit this one isn’t quite up to par with the original. The concept is the same — Grover is worried about a monster at the end of the book but instead of trying to keep the reader from turning pages, this time he’s trying to keep Elmo from proceeding to the final page with the promised monster.

This book confirms what many of have suspected for years — Elmo is a jerk. He knows Grover is worried about this monster but keeps tearing down every defense Grover throws up to get to the promised monster at the end of the book. All while claiming to be Grover’s friend.

We love the original. This one just isn’t quite as good.

Night-Night, Forest FriendsNight-Night, Forest Friends by Annie Bach

A book from Shortcake’s “Aunt” Dolly.

Or as she calls it, “Night-Night, Bear.”

Various forest creatures tuck their little ones into bed with rhymes. Not quite the tongue-twister that some Doctor Seuss books can be, but it’s still got some tricky moments. Shortcake asked for this one a lot at first, but it’s taken a seat behind other favorite books right now.

Silly Goose's Big StorySilly Goose’s Big Story by Keiko Kasza

This one has slowly crept into Shortcake’s rotation as a favorite book. Goose tells wild stories in which he always gets to be the hero, until one day a wolf shows up and his friends have to rescue him.

With fun illustrations and a good story, this is one that I don’t mind reading to Shortcake. We don’t quite have this one memorized yet, but we’re on the way toward having large chunks committed to memory.

Another winner from “Aunt” Dolly.

Dinosaur vs. BedtimeDinosaur vs. Bedtime by Bob Shea

The whole “Dinosaur vs…” range is a bit hit in our house. These are some of our go-to books each night for reading and I’m thankful our local library has a good selection of them.

Each book features Dinosaur taking on various events like going to school, learning to use the potty, or going to bed. Our favorite is “Dinosaur vs Bedtime” in which Dinosaur fights going to bed but (SPOILER alert) ultimately succumbs to sleeping. “Dinosaur vs Bedtime” is one of the books that Shortcake can read back to me, including knowing where to turn the pages.

However, she enjoys it far more when I read it to her with silly sounds (Dinosaur taking on talking grown-ups is a particular favorite) and acting out Dinosaur slowly giving into sleep.

Bob Shea’s books are fun, entertaining and a huge hit in our house. There are even some short animated videos on YouTube for Dinosaur.

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