Review: Victor Boone Will Save Us by David Joel Stevenson

Victor Boone Will Save UsThere were times reading Victor Boone Will Save Us that I couldn’t help being reminded of The Tick. Both stories take the tropes of the superhero genre and deconstruct them a bit. But while The Tick goes for the funny bone, David Joel Stevenson uses Victor Boone to tug on the heartstrings.

Victor Boone is everything a superhero should be — good looking, dressed in spandex, able to fly, and seemingly impervious to just about anything criminals can throw at him. But what the world doesn’t know is that Victor doesn’t actually have any more power than the rest of us. The powers comes from Robby, an introverted friend of Victor. Robby does the heavy-lifting, Victor takes the credit. That is, until Victor is killed in a bank robbery, leaving Robby at a loss as to what to do next.

Things aren’t help when an old friend from college begins to dig into the death of Victor and Robby’s connection to it. Showing up at his place, the friend begins to ask some uncomfortable questions. It doesn’t help Robby’s shyness that she’s one of the prettiest and nicest smelling journalists he’s ever met.

As the digging into his story begins, Robby begins to learn things about himself and the origin of his powers.

Victor Boone Will Save Us is built on a solid world with lively, entertaining, and realistic characters. Even the arrogant, over-the-top Victor rings true as we see flashbacks to how he and Robby joined forces to fight evil. There’s even a nicely done romance subplot to help motivate Robby in the novel’s final pages.

And just like most superhero comics, Victor Boone wraps up one story only to tease more adventures in this universe and with these characters. This is one reader who will be happy to spend more time in the Victor Boone universe.

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