Review: Bless Her Heart by Sally Kilpatrick

Bless Her HeartPosey Love hates three little words. Every time someone says, “Bless your heart,” Posey sees red.

But who could blame her? Her life hasn’t exactly turned out the way she pictured it would. After a decade of marriage, Posey hoped to be raising a child with her pastor husband. Still aching each month as she hopes for a positive instead of a negative indicator on a pregnancy test, Posey finds her world turned upside down when her husband absconds with another woman and leaves her with a repossessed car and a pile of outstanding debt.

Moving back in with her mom, Posey decides that she’ll “give up” going to church for the Lenten season and follow her younger sister’s advice to experience each of the seven Deadly sins during those forty days.

Delightful and authentic, Sally Kilpatrick’s Bless Her Heart is another winning novel from one of my favorite authors. Posey’s world and story is at times heartbreaking (finding out just how far her husband was going to ensure Posey never got a positive result on her pregnancy test when he knew it was breaking her heart each month), at times charming (Posey’s flirting with the piano tuning John who she’s had a crush on since high school) and at times completely uplifting (Posey’s continued reconnection and understanding of her mother). Like real-life, the answer to Posey’s problems isn’t straight-forward nor is it always the easiest way.

Told from Posey’s unique point of view, Bless Her Heart offers hope and redemption for Posey without necessarily wrapping things up in a pretty bow by the time the last page is turned. Kilpatrick wisely avoids the “and she lived happily ever after” ending, leaving the door open for a return visit with Posey or a cameo in future novels. And while Posey (and readers) may not get every answer they want, the story provides enough answers and a sense of closure to this portion of Posey’s journey to be completely satisfying.

I’m probably starting to sound like a broken record here when it comes to the praise for Kilpatrick and her stories. Each story has grown more assured and confident and each one has a satisfying reading experience. The only issue I keep having is that the books seem to fly by and I find myself wanting more after that final page is turned. And while Bless Her Heart doesn’t center around University of Tennessee football as her delightful Orange Blossom Special does, this book still hit home in all the right spots.

Bless Your Heart is another winner from Sally Kilpatrick. If you haven’t picked up a story from her yet, this is a great entry point.

Highly recommended.

In the interest of full disclosure, I received a digital ARC of this book from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I will also add that I knew Sally back in the day when we were students at the University of Tennessee together.

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