In Honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day…

September 19th is Talking Like a Pirate Day.  In honor of that, let me present the classic Ray Stevens song, “The Pirate Song.”

In bad news for my taste buds but good news for my waistline, Krispy Kream has done away with the free donut for talking like a pirate.

I say they make the scurvy knave who came up with that idea walk the plank!


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2 responses to “In Honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day…

  1. And it was a free DOZEN for dressing like one!

    Ah, Ray Stevens. You never disappoint.

    • I have to admit that the visuals in this video don’t quite match the ones I’ve created in my head as I listened to this song over the years. But then again, my imagination has an unlimited budget! 🙂

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