Comic Book Friday: Hawkeye, Volume 1: My Life As A Weapon

Hawkeye, Volume 1: My Life as a WeaponMy first thought when I heard Marvel was producing a new series centering on Hawkeye was that it was a marketing thing to cash in on the heroes’ new-found popularity thanks to the cinematic universe.

But then I heard the buzz that there might be more to this than meets the eye. Add in that the new series is written by Matt Fraction, author of the brilliantly subversive Sex Criminals comic books and the series had my interest.

So when my local library got in the first collected edition of the new Hawkeye, I picked it up.

The series begins by addressing the “why does Hawkeye warrant his own book” question straight on. While he doesn’t necessarily have any superpowers, the question of whether Hawkeye is a hero or not is addressed and answered by the end of the first issue. The other five issues in this collection continue to address the nature of Hawkeye’s hero-ness, along the way throwing in a few good jokes and motivations that give the character some depth and vulnerability. Turns out Hawkeye is just as conflicted about his role as a hero as any of us would be — provided we were expert marksmen with access to all types of body armor and various arrows. One fun sequence finds Hawkeye in a car chase trying to find the right arrow to stop his pursuers.

I found myself enjoying Hawkeye a lot and curious to pick up a few more collections to see where things go next.


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  1. Fraction’s Hawkeye series is one of my favorites! Hope you enjoy the rest of it! Great review!

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