Musing Mondays: Let’s Get Together


Time to kick off the week with Musing Mondays (hosted by Books and a Beat).

This week’s random question is: If _____ and _____ were to get together and write a book…

My first thought on this one was: If George R.R. Martin and Douglas Adams were to get together and write a book, it would be a least five years late getting to our shelves.

Adams once said that he loved the sound of deadlines as the “whooshed by” and if you’re a reader of Martin, you know that he’s not exactly the most consistent when it comes to meeting publication dates.

Beyond that, I’m not certain that these are two great tastes that would taste great together.

I think I’d rather see Martin get together with Jim Butcher.  Butcher has one of the best fantasy series on the market today in the Dresden Files and he actually publishes more than one book every decade.

The mystery lover side of me thinks a novel by Michael Connelly and Raymond Chandler might be interesting.  (Impossible, yes because Chandler is no longer with us).


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4 responses to “Musing Mondays: Let’s Get Together

  1. Great answer. The first thing that came to mind when I saw that question was Ann Leckie and N.K. Jemisin writing a book, or even N.K. Jemisin and Aliette de Bodard collaborating on a novel.

  2. I’m a Grimdark fan so would love to see Mark Lawrence and Joe Abercrombie get together to write a book.

    That GRRM comment was great ‘not exactly the most consistent when it comes to meeting publication dates’ is very politely put and made me smile! 😊

  3. That would have been an interesting collaboration people would have been dying and coming back to life more often than in a Marvel comic haha. (Here’s my musing monday:

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