Top Ten Tuesday: The Future


Time again for Top Ten Tuesday (hosted by the Broke and the Bookish).  This week’s subject is the top future societies we like.  I’m going to probably blur the lines of pop culture here and include books, movies and television series.

  1.  Star Trek.  Sure, there’s the whole post-scarcity society and all but I really want to live there for the transporter!  Moving things around to get ready for the baby, I have wished more than once for a transporter to simply beam things where I’d like them go!
  2. Doctor Who.  I’m not sure I’d enjoy living in Time Lord society, but the idea of easily traveling in time and its implications fascinates me.
  3. Barrayaran Empire.  The society of the Miles Verkosigan saga is one that fascinates me.  We hear a lot about it from Miles point of view and that of his family, but I’d love to see what it’s like for other members of the universe.
  4. Asimov’s Society from the Robot novels.  Since I read the Robot novels in high school, I’ve been fascinated by the society that Asimov created — not just the fun sounding technological marvels like the freeway system (it’s moving belts that you step from one ring to another to speed up or slow down) but also the robots and society’s reaction to them.
  5. Scalzi’s Old Man’s War society.  The idea of being able to upgrade your body when you get to a certain age if you serve in the military is intriguing.  And Scalzi has done a great job of really expanding the society over the course of his novels.
  6. The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury. The idea of exploring Mars and finding life there has intrigued me since I read this one many, many years ago.
  7. The Culture.  Featured in Iain M. Banks’ novels, this society with sentient ships is a rich, detailed one that I always enjoy visiting.  Not sure I’d be cut out to live there, but it’s fun to visit.

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  1. My husband would like this list very much! I’ll stick to my historicals 😉 My TTT

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