Top Ten Tuesday: Resolutions


The start of a new year is a time to look back and ahead. This week’s Top Ten Tuesday (hosted by the Broke and the Bookish) asks us to look at our resolutions for 2016.

  1.  Get ready for the arrival of my daughter — We’re expecting a baby girl in April and she’ll be here before we know it!
  2. Maintain my weight loss from last year — I fulfilled one of my resolutions by losing weight last year.  I’m healthier, thinner and have slowly been upgraded my wardrobe to my new, smaller size.  Key word now is maintaining.
  3. Clear off the DVR — Between a couple of series I need to catch up on and a movies, I need to make a dent in my viewing.  Either that or just admit I can’t watch everything and erase them.
  4. Whittle down the TBR pile — I think this one shows up every year.  Between the library, NetGalley and our local used book store, it’s easy to have the pile grow.  I hope to get my physical and e-book pile down a bit this year.
  5. Read Brandson Sanderson’s Words of Radiance series — I’ve got volumes one and two on my shelf, just waiting to be read.  And a lot of people I know and share similar taste in books with have enjoyed them.  So this is the year I’m going to finally try and take the plunge and read them!
  6. Re-watch Star Trek — It’s the 50th anniversary and I’d like to re-watch the original (and still the best) Star Trek.   It’s only 79 episodes so it shouldn’t prove too daunting.  I also hope to finish up my Enterprise re-watch (which is down to three or four episodes!)




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7 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Resolutions

  1. Congratulations on the daughter and the weight loss!! Great, realistic list 🙂 My TTT

  2. Congratulations on your daughter, the most important goal of them all! I wish you the best of luck reaching all of your goals. Happy 2016!
    -Smart Dames Clever Books

  3. Good luck with all your resolutions!

    I am another fan of the iconic original Star Trek series and a major Spock fan. I chuckle when I think of my favorites in the different series. First, the half-Vulcan Spock, next came android Data. No real standout favorite in Deep Space Nine, but the hologram Doctor took honors in Voyager.

  4. Wow, expecting a daughter – Michael I’m so happy for you. You must be really excited. All the best for 2016 and especially for April.
    Lynn 😀

  5. billbrarian

    Congratulations on your upcoming arrival. I like your set of resolutions too. I’m excited about Star Trek too and actually have never watched the entire series. I think that just got added to my fun list for the year. Great idea.

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