Musing Mondays: Appeal


Time to kick off the week with Musing Mondays (hosted by A Daily Rhythm).

This week’s random question asks: What makes a book really enjoyable for you? And, conversely, what would turn you off about a book?

Back in my high school days, one thing that could turn me off from a book was having it assigned to me as reading.  Part of this may have been the feeling that I might not be paying enough attention to pass the pop quizzes based on the assigned reading material and worrying too much about making sure I got every detail into my memory rather than really enjoying the novel or story on its own merits.

Now that I’ve graduated (a long time ago, mind you) and generally pick the books I’m going to read, I can’t necessarily put my finger on what will make a book enjoyable for me.   It can be anything from a great character or characters to a novel that challenges me on some level (emotional, intellectual, spiritual, etc.).  It could be just a story that demands to be read and that I can’t wait to turn that next page to find out what happens next.  Or it could just be a new entry from a favorite author that really gels me with me.

A lot of times, I think what makes a book appealing to me is my own mood or it coming across the TBR pile at the right time.  Sometimes I’m just in the “right place” to have a book speak to me or connect with me.  And other times I’m just not in that right place and I may put the book aside to either come back to later or not pick up again (this isn’t a regular occurrence mind you)


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3 responses to “Musing Mondays: Appeal

  1. Assigned reading is not always a good thing. I like how they do it in our schools now: they read a book together in class, but you read on your own anything you like for 20 minutes a day. Definitely a good change.

    My mood can influence my enjoyment of a book too. Even if I am in the middle of reading something else, if my mood warrants it, I will switch to another book that matches my mood better.

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  2. Thanks for sharing your answer.

  3. While I did not put it in my answer my mood is important when I pick up a book. Great answer.

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