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Musing Mondays: Seasonal Reading List


Time again to start the week with Musing Mondays hosted by A Daily Rhythm. It’s been a few weeks since I participated, so let’s try to get back into the swing of things.

Today’s random question asks: Do you make a seasonal reading list? How do you choose what goes on it?

While there are certain books and certain types of books I enjoy reading during the various seasons of the year, I have to admit I don’t necessarily make a seasonal reading list.

But I do like to read certain things at certain times of the year.  For the past several years, for example, I have enjoyed listened to a different audio version of A Christmas Carol.    Each narrator brings something unique to the performance and it may lead me to see something about this familiar story in a new way.

I also enjoy a good scary story or two around Halloween.

Growing up, I checked out a record (yes, I’m old….) from the library that had Vincent Price reading stories by Edgar Allen Poe.  One of them that was very memorable was a rendition of the Telltale Heart.   Price’s voice was just perfect for the reading and telling of the story and it’s stuck with me.  I don’t recall what other stories were on the record (I copied it onto cassette tape), but I’d love to hear some of them again.


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