Top Ten Tuesday: Co-Author Wish List


This week’s Top Ten Tuesday (hosted by the Broke and the Bookish) asks us to ponder which authors we’d like to see collaborate on a book.   Here’s my list.

  1.  Stephen King and Joe Hill.   This father/son combination would either be the greatest thing since sliced bread or completely unreadable. But it’d be fun to find out.
  2. Garrison Keillor and Mark Twain.   Two American humorists and two of my favorites.  I’d love to see what they could come up with.
  3. Robert Holmes and Steven Moffat.  My favorite classic Doctor Who writer with my favorite modern Doctor Who writer.  Both have shown the ability to take the ordinary and make it scary.   I can only imagine what they’d do if they teamed up.
  4. Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams.  I believe somewhere in heaven, these two are already working on a book together.
  5. Raymond Chandler and Michael Connelly.   I think the mystery fans of the world would lose their collective minds over this.
  6. Charles de Lint and Jim Butcher.  I love their urban fantasy and can only imagine what a collaboration would be like.  Like King and Hill, it’d either be great or a complete trainwreck.
  7. Sarah Dessen and Sarah Ockler.  If only because I love a good teen angst novel while running.   These two write great teenage angst novels with believable characters and I think their two styles would dovetail well.
  8. Robert Whitlow and John Grisham.   They both write legal thrillers (or have in the past).  I think they would be great together.
  9. Brandon Sanderson and George R.R. Martin.  If only because I think Sanderson would get Martin to finish the next installment of A Song of Ice and Fire sooner rather than later.
  10. Laura Lippman and Elizabeth George.  Like others in the list, this could either be wonderful or colossally bad.  But I’d still love to to see it.


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6 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Co-Author Wish List

  1. oooo Keillor and Twain would have been an awesome match! Would love to see Whitlow and Grisham collaborate 🙂 My TTT

  2. I completely agree about Pratchett and Adams! I always wanted them to collaborate as a teen, I am bummed it never happened!

    My TTT

  3. #4 is perfect. That would be such an amazing read. Not to mention that anything that unites Doctor Who writers is awesome. I’m still working my way through the 8th Doctor adventures, I’ve never read any of the older stuff. Did Holmes write for the show, or did he write extended universe material?

    My TTT

    • Robert Holmes wrote for the classic series from 1969 to 1986. He script edited the show during the first three years of Tom Baker as the Doctor.

      As Moffat said when he introduced a Holmes story during the Doctors Revisited — Robert Holmes taught everyone else how to write Doctor Who.

      Go and find some of his stories to watch. You can see a couple on Netflix.

  4. Yes!! 😀 Great list!
    Pratchett and Adams and Hill and King are my favs in this list

  5. Lovely list!
    I definitely wouldn’t mind some Sanderson/Martin. Holmes and Moffat would be pretty awesome, too.

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