Reviews:One Step Away by Eric Wilson & The Fine Art of Truth or Dare by Melissa Jensen

One Step Away

Bret and Sara Vreeland don’t have it all — in fact, there are times when they wonder how they’re going to make it through the month. But they have each other and they have their faith.

But what if something were to happen that changed all of that?

Eric Wilson flips the story of Job and instead of having everything taken away to test the faith of the Vreeland, the couple is given everything that could ever dream of (at least from a worldly perspective). But just as with Job, there are trials to come with being blessed beyond measure.

Wilson tells a good story with One Step Away. It’s good to see that Bret and Sara aren’t saints, but instead people with flaws and secrets. There are some secrets from the past that will come back to haunt them (a few I figured out a chapter or two before Wilson let us in on the details). But overall, Wilson keeps the pages turning and kept my interest us for the entire novel.

I also like the fact that while this is apparently the start of a series, the action of this novel is self-contained. I can say I’d enjoy a visit to the world that Wilson has created a self-contained story that can be enjoyed on its own merits.

The Fine Art of Truth or DareThe Fine Art of Truth or Dare by Melissa Jensen
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Melissa Jensen’s The Fine Art of Truth or Dare languished on my TBR shelf a lot longer than it probably could or should have.

But I guess I was finally in the mind for a lighter, young adult romantic comedy and I’ll admit this book really fit the bill.

A scholarship student at the Willing School, Ella feels practically invisible. The fact that she has a crush on the school’s founder from his portrait and writings probably doesn’t help things. She speaks to him, but he only answers her when she’s alone since — well, he passed away many years ago.

Ella also has eyes for the school’s most popular guy. But he’s with someone else and honestly, he’d never really look her way. Or would he?

While Truth or Dare hits many of the same notes as a lot of other young adult novels, what sets the story apart is the characters notes. Ella and her friends are a fun group and Jensen wisely allows us to see some reasoning that Ella would have her crushes on these two guys. Thankfully there is no insta-love between the two, nor is there a romance between Ella and the ghost guy.

Instead, what we get is a sweet little story that is well told and unfolds at a good pace. This one is very readable and worth your time if you want something fun.

And the best news of all — with these two review, I’ve completed the 20 Books of Summer Challenge! 

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