Top Ten Tuesday: Completed Series I Haven’t Completed


Time again for Top Ten Tuesday (hosted by the Broke and the Bookish).  This week, we’re looking at the series that have published their final volume but I haven’t finished reading yet (and would like to finish).

  1.  The Sandman by Neil Gaiman.  I’m not proud to admit I haven’t read all of Gaiman’s graphic novel series, The Sandman.  I probably should because I enjoy everything else Gaiman writes.
  2. Fables by Bill Willingham.  This one just published its final issue and I can now look forward to catching up.
  3. The Chronicles of Dune by Frank Herbert.  Love the original and have read the first three installments.  Honestly, I’ve heard from a lot of people that the last two aren’t that good and that’s kind of kept me from finishing.
  4. Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple mysteries by Agatha Christie.  Part of this is simply because Christie was so prolific in her writing.  I’ve read a few but there are many more I probably could read.
  5. The Mistborn trilogy by Brandon Sanderson.   I loved the first two installments and just need to find time to read the third.
  6. Pure trilogy by Joanna Baggott. Read the first installment this year and really liked it.  Haven’t read the next two in the trilogy, though they’re on the TBR list.
  7. Alan Gregory series by Stephen White.  I’ve read most of the beginning and the ending to the series. But there are still a few in the middle I skipped.  I may have to go back and try them.
  8. Sin City by Frank Miller.  I’ve read a couple of these but not the entire run.
  9. The Complete Peanuts by Charles M. Schultz.  I read the first two volumes of the complete run of the classic comic strip but haven’t read any more.  I need to get back to these because I really like Peanuts.
  10. Wool by Hugh Howey.  Not sure what’s kept me from going back to this one.  Probably all the other shiny new books that keep distracting me.


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5 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Completed Series I Haven’t Completed

  1. The Pure trilogy is amazing, hope you enjoy the other books when you read them.
    My TTT:

  2. Oh the shiny new book problem 🙂 I know it so well.
    I haven’t gotten around to even starting Wool yet, even though i really want to. And i own the first two books. So i really should!
    Great list 🙂

  3. my sister-in-law was just telling me last night about the Mistborn series My TTT

  4. I just read the second Wool book, and I’m so amazed at the complexity of the world Howey has created. I have too many unfinished series to mention, but I’ll be finishing that one (eventually).

  5. Don’t feel bad about the Sandman series, I haven’t finished it either! There’s a lot of books and they’re expensive and i’m a student. Do the math!^^ But I’m hoping to get another volume soon!

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