Way Back Wednesdays: Buck Rogers in the 25th Century


It’s been a couple of weeks since I did a Way Back Wednesdays (hosted by A Well Read Woman).  This meme was originally intended to look back at those books we’ve read that made a big impact on us.  But I’ve decided to expand the scope of my (occasional) entries to look at things from pop culture that were memorable in some way.

Buck_Rogers_Movie_Poster_01Today I thought I’d look at one the cheesiest series from the late 70’s: Buck Rogers in the 25th Century.

At the time when I was all of six or seven, this show didn’t seem cheesy in the slightest.  It seemed like a lot of great fun and the chance to see something like Star Wars every single week on my television screen.

There are a couple of things I clearly recall about the show:

  • The two-hour pilot was also released theatrically.  We lived in Hawaii on an Air Force Base and I recall the pilot movie came to the base theater.  My mom took me and I don’t recall much about seeing it, except one minor point.  A space-ship appeared on screen with menacing music and my mom noted this must be the bad guys because they had the “bad guy music.”
  • I am pretty certain I had a Twikii action figure and that he crossed over adventures with my Star Wars action figures.
  • Along those lines, I think the original wave of toys had space ships with “laser beams” that you can could fire at others. These laser beams were (at first) attachable plastic pieces but then they proved a choking hazard to young kids and if you mailed your laser beams into the manufacturer, you’d get a Hot Wheels.  By the time I heard this, I’d lost the attachable laser beams.  (Side note: This may be Star Wars and/or Battlestar Galactica toys)
  • My dad knew a guy from work who was Gil Gerard’s brother.   Part of me wondered if Gil might ever drop over to Hawaii for a visit and we’d get to meet him.  This never happened.
  • Erin Gray was a total babe as Wilma Dearing.
  • One episode in particular stood out to my young mind.  It was from season two and it’s called “The Satyr.”  In the episode, a woman and her son are held prisoner on some planet by a half-human, half-goat man with glowing eyes.   Apparently if you let him infect you somehow (I think it was if he bit you), then you would be transformed into a satyr just like him.  Well, wouldn’t you know it but Buck crash lands on the planet, gets into some kind of fight with the guy and ends up getting infected.  At one point, Buck’s eyes start to glow and he begins to slowly transform.   For some reason, this really got under my skin as a young viewer and it still gives me the willies to this day.  To the point that while I’ve picked up the whole series on DVD (it was cheap!) I’ve not quite worked up the gumption to watch it.  Part of me is curious to see if it’s as unsettling as I recall and a bigger part of me feels like it’s no where near as unsettling as I recall it being and that I’ll fill silly for being frightened all these years.

The series comes on and off Netflix streaming from time to time.   I’ve not sat down to watch it all again, but I may do that at some point.

Until then, I will just let it live in my memories.


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2 responses to “Way Back Wednesdays: Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

  1. I love how you’ve extended this meme to include TV shows too! GREAT idea. 🙂

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