Re-Opening The X-Files: Fresh Bones


Back in college, while I was trying to get my apartment-mates to watch The X-Files and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, one of my apartment-mates tried (successfully, I might add) to get me to watch Murder One.   The series was one that took a murder trial and let it unfold over the course of an entire season.  The star of the show was (at least the first season) Daniel Benzali.  Benzali’s character on the show was completely awesome (at least we all thought so) and it was fun to tune in each week to see the intensity he’d bring.

Benzali started honing his intensity and all around super bad-ass-ness in this episode of The X-Files.

Now, I’ve got to be honest here.   In my reviewing the show as we head into the new series in January, I’ve got to admit that “Fresh Bones” feels more like an episode I’m re-watching as we get to the really good stuff that’s to come for the rest of season two — namely the next two installments of “Colony” and “End Game.”

And it’s not that “Fresh Bones” is a terrible episode.  It’s got some interesting ideas in it.  But the various pieces never quite come together to a coherent whole.

There’s voodoo, there’s zombies and there are some interesting observations on the immigration and trying to make a certain segment of an immigrant population disappear.    But as I watched this one again, I found my interest waning a bit.  After the last two installments were so riveting and different, this one just feels a bit like a by-the-numbers installments.  And I get that at the time when a show is producing 25 episodes in a season, they’re not all going to be gems.  But this one feels less like a gem.

Again, it’s probably that it’s in between two sets of great episodes.

It’s not that I hate this one.   But I don’t think it’s one that I’d go out of my way to re-watch again any time soon.

And it’s a shame because you’ve got some great guest stars here.  Not only Benzali but also Keith Callum Rennie.

We even get an appearance from Mr. X, though it’s less of his usual intensity and all around wild card (at least to this point) status and more of a pulling a Deep Throat from last year’s “Eve.”  X really comes into inject some suspense into the story by giving us a ticking clock — Mulder and Scully will be recalled to Washington in 24 hours whether they’ve solved the case or not.

I think the connection between Benzali’s Colonel Wharton and Pierre Beauvais isn’t really all that clear or interesting.  It feels like the story wanted to have some voodoo moments and they only way to really connect the two stories was this one.  In the end, it felt contrived.


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