Re-Opening The X-Files: Blood

X-Files Blood

Mulder: Have you ever come across this chemical compound?
Langly: LSDM. Obviously you haven’t read our August edition of TLG.
Mulder: Oh, I’m sorry boys. It arrived the same day as my subscription to Celebrity Skin.


Of the first eight episodes of season two, this one and “3” were the only two not included on the first wave of episodes from the season to make their way to VHS.   And while I can see why the six episodes that were included on the set were chosen, I can’t help but always feel that “Blood” is a bit of an overlooked classic.

You start things off with a guest appearance by William Sanderson, who at the time was best known to me as Larry from Larry, Darryl and Darryl on Newhart.  Add in a story that has devices with digital readouts sending out messages to people, playing on their fears and causing them to go on violence sprees and you’ve got a fairly interesting little episode.  I think part of what may prevented its inclusion is that it doesn’t really have a resolution or a concrete reveal of who is behind the plot (though once again, we find out that our government or forces within it are not always looking out for our own best interest) and that it doesn’t have a big mythology driven reveal like “The Host” did with the first hints of Mulder’s new friend at the FBI.

It’s a shame really because it’s got some really memorable moments along the way.  Sanderson’s poor fired postal clerk who is slowly driven over the edge from his fear of blood to the woman who attacks the mechanic because the diagnostic tool he’s using on her car plays into her fear of being raped.   In that case, it’s interesting to see how the messages continue to come to her when Mulder and the town sheriff show up at her house to ask her a few questions and the messages began to prey on her fear of getting caught.

The episode is the first writing credit for Darin Morgan, though he has downplayed how much he contributed to the story in interviews since that time.  If you’re looking for the typical Daren Morgan elements that are to come like deconstructing the show and/or Mulder, they aren’t necessarily in evidence here.

But it’s a solid, entertaining episode and yet another winner in this streak of great episodes.


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