Musing Mondays: Vacation Reading


Time to kick off the week with Musing Mondays hosted by A Daily Rhythm.

This week’s random question asks: What book (or books) would you take with you on vacation? Why?

If I’m headed to the beach, I may have to take a couple of books because there is nothing I enjoy more than sitting in a beach chair, enjoying the warm sun and listening to the waves  crash while I read a good book.  I have to admit that tie-in novels, especially some of those from the Star Trek universe, can be great beach reading.

For most vacation reading, I want something fun that I won’t get too lost in or too bogged down in the details.  Something to give my mind a bit of a vacation as well, I suppose!

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One response to “Musing Mondays: Vacation Reading

  1. I think for me I would end up choosing an extremely long book, or an omnibus edition to cut down on how many books I would actually take with me.

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