Musing Mondays: Pay by the Page


Time to start the week off with Musing Mondays hosted by A Daily Rhythm.

Today’s random question asks: So, apparently Amazon is now going to pay itsKindle Unlimited & Select authors by pages read. You can read more about this {here}. What do you think of this? Share your thoughts!

My first thought was — boy, authors are going to have to make sure that every single page of their book is interesting or else run the risk of losing not just readers but also money.

And then I thought about how reading isn’t necessarily the same for everyone.  Some people like to read the last page of the mystery novel first and then see if an how the writer gets there.  Sometimes we get bored with a book and skim.  Or there are times when only certain portions of a book are interesting or we want to read the juicy parts first.  How exactly will all of these be addressed by this new program?  Will there be a time limit once you start reading?  For example, if I start a book and then get distracted by three other shiny new things, will the first author suffer if I read ten pages now and a hundred pages a few weeks later?

I don’t want to see writers get short changed.  And I’m not sure that reading is something that you can necessarily pay the page for.

It may make sense to sell music this way — breaking up CDs into tracks. But I’m not sure it will necessarily work for digital books.

And before we get started on a rant about the evil that is Amazon, let me say that I am a user and fan of Amazon.  For one thing, as brick and mortar stores have less and less shelf space for books that appeal to me, I’m glad Amazon is there so that I can easily find and purchase what I want.   I’ve ranted about this before, but I get depressed when I  visit the sci-fi and fantasy section of my local bookstores and see less space given to more traditional offerings in that genre and more space given to paranormal romance.   I get that these sell, but if you don’t offer me (and other readers) the chance to buy more than just paranormal romance or a tie-in novel, odds are we don’t buy them!   Amazon allows me to find my “niche” books and enjoy them.

And hey, that Amazon Prime is totally cool for the streaming video stuff.

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  1. Like you I want authors to get paid so they keep writing.

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