Musing Mondays: Waterproof Books


Time to kick-off the week with Musing Mondays hosted by A Daily Rhythm.

This week’s random question asks: Last week, I came across someone’s idea to create waterproof books {see it here}. What do you think about this? Good idea, or bad?

On the surface, it sounds like a good idea.  But then part of me wonders if the waterproofing would add to the overall weight or size of the book.  For most books, this would be OK, but there are some epic tomes by Tom Clancy, Stephen King or over in the fantasy genre that might become too large to handle if you added more dimension to the book.


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2 responses to “Musing Mondays: Waterproof Books

  1. I’ve seen notebooks that claim to be waterproof. The paper feels wonderfully strong and very smooth, but it is heavier. Adding a book like The Stand on waterproof paper to my backpack would be more effort than it’s worth. My backpack weighs plenty already—it keeps sprouting books!

  2. probably not essential for my reading needs…

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