Musing Mondays: Childhood Favorites


Time to start the week again with Musing Mondays hosted by A Daily Rhythm.

This week’s random question asks: Do you have a favorite book from childhood? What is it?

This week’s random question ties in with the theme of Way Back Wednesdays.   Some of my favorite books from childhood include: Mr. Pine’s Purple House, Hamilton Duck, the Ramona novels by Beverly Cleary and Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume.   I also recall checking out and reading (many, many times) collections of comic strips: everything from Garfield to Peanuts to Beetle Bailey to Dennis the Menace.


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6 responses to “Musing Mondays: Childhood Favorites

  1. sounds like another library fan ? childhood reading is definitely a fav and great random Q&A ! thanks for sharing yours.

  2. Have read some of your favorites. I was an adult working with children with most. Guess that shows my age.

  3. I spent most of my childhood reading whatever I could find in the library. As I got older, and moved around a lot, the first thing I would seek out in a new town was the library.

    Thanks for sharing…and here is

  4. Garfield, Peanuts, man, I haven’t thought about those ones in a long time, but I still love them. 😀

  5. Kwizgiver

    I loved Judy Blume! I wonder if I should try her adult novels.

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