Musing Mondays: Seasonal Reading


Time to start the week of with Musing Mondays hosted by A Daily Rhythm.

This week’s random question asks: Do you have different genres for different seasons? For example, do you choose lighter reading material for the summer, and chunkier books in the winter?

It’s rare that the change of seasons affects my reading choices that much.  Often I find the change of seasons makes me take a moment to re-assess my to-be-read pile and pull some things up closer to the top that have been languishing there for a while.   I will sometimes make a list of books to read during a certain season and get through a quarter of it before I get distracted by books coming in at the library, new books coming out or just being in a different reading mood.

That said, I do enjoy a good scary story or novel around Halloween and there are certain stories I want to hear or read during the Christmas season.

I’m curious to know what others have to say or if there are certain types of books or genres you want to read during a certain season?

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