Musing Mondays: Special Editions


Time again to start the week with Musing Mondays hosted by A Daily Rhythm.

This week’s random questions asks: What types of “special” books do you own? For example, do you have any really old books? Any collections based on your interests (eg. architecture, etc)?

I’ve got a small collection of special books that sit on my shelves.    I’ve got a couple of the leather bound, B&N editions of some favorite books — including To Kill A Mockingbird.   But I feel like these are more for show than for reading.  They look great sitting on the shelf!

I’ve also got a few signed favorite books from favorite authors.  I’ve met Garrison Keillor twice and he’s signed books for me each time.   The nice thing that Keillor does is he personalizes the autograph for you.  The times I’ve met him, he took a few moments to have a conversation with me and give me his attention.  It wasn’t just a quick signature and a thank you.

I’ve also got a few books that I really enjoyed or some special significance to me.  This includes a full run of the Target novels for the seventh (and my favorite) Doctor, some of the Star Trek novels I’ve enjoyed a great deal (including one or two with autographs by authors or the actors whose characters have a prominent role in the story) and some other books that were gifts from family and friends over the years that hold a special place in my memories.

I do have a few books that might be collectibles.  But for the most part, the special books I have all have an emotional connection for me.


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6 responses to “Musing Mondays: Special Editions

  1. Good to see there are other who like SciFi.

  2. I have the Saintsbury edition of Balzac’s Human Comedy, circa 1900. That’s my main collection. I have a few of Zahi Hawass’ books on Egyptology, commentary and photos.

  3. I really love the Barnes & Noble leather bound editions, so far I only have Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Other Stories, but I want to get more eventually.

  4. The leather bound To kill a Mockingird made me so jealous — are you looking forward to the sequel? I don’t have many autographs by authors I just realised. I think I have one from Kelley Armstrong and another from Garth Nix, but that’s all. NOt a whole heap of authors come out to Australia, and when they do, I can’t always get to see them, unfortunately.

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