Musing Mondays: Kindred Spirit


Time to start the week with Musing Mondays hosted by A Daily Rhythm.

This week’s random question asks “Do you have a “kindred” reading buddy — someone who very closely shares your taste in books? If not, do you wish you did?”

Thanks to social media sites devoted to books and the world of book blogging, I’ve found a lot of friends whose recommendations I trust and even look forward to seeing.  However, I’m not sure there is one person who I’d consider my “kindred” reading buddy.   And that’s OK.   I love getting recommendations from friends — both of things to pick up and things to avoid.  But sometimes I find that when people recommend I not read something or have a particularly negative reaction to a book that I want to read it for myself to find out if I agree with where they’re coming from or if maybe I might enjoy the book myself.   Of course, this can sometimes lead to frustration with the book and myself for picking it up.



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5 responses to “Musing Mondays: Kindred Spirit

  1. The web does make it easier to find people who like what you do.

  2. I find my reading recommendations online these days; I don’t always agree with what others love, but that’s okay. It is a great experience. Here is my BLUE MONDAYS MUSINGS POST

  3. I pretty much agree with you.

  4. Nice response. I also don’t have a kindred book buddy 😀 However, I love knowing, online, that there is people who like the same books I do 😀

    Maura @

  5. I agree with you, through various blogs, twitter and instagram I have found books I’ve loved others I checked out to form my own opinion.

    Tina, The Bookworm

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