Way Back Wednesday: Hamilton Duck by Arthur Getz

Mid-week means it’s time again for Way Back Wednesday hosted by A Well Read Woman.  Each week, this meme looks back at those books we’re read that have had a lasting impact.

HamiltonDuckThis week, I’m setting the controls of the Way Back Machine to way, way back when I was very, very young.  One of my favorite books at an early age was Hamilton Duck.

It chronicles the story of Hamilton, a duck who is thrown a curve by the changing of the seasons.   Hamilton is bewildered to find that his beloved pond has frozen over and he even has a conversation with a fish that is trapped under the frozen layer of ice on his pond.

I loved this book growing up.  It had great illustrations and a fun little story.   Part of what I loved was that I associated going fishing with one set of grandparents and the storyline about the fish always made me think of them.

My mom still has a copy of the book from when I was growing up and I hope someday I can share it with my kids (whenever we’re blessed with them, of course!)

Looking around, I see there was another book featuring Hamilton Duck.   Whether or not I read it or was aware of its existence before now I can’t really say.


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2 responses to “Way Back Wednesday: Hamilton Duck by Arthur Getz

  1. Awwwww I wish I had this for my 5 year old nephew! I love that he is all bewildered of the changing seasons! And the convo with the fish frozen under the pond… PRICELESS!
    Great post!!! 🙂

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