Way Back Wednesday: The Star Prince

waybackwednesdayTime again for Way Back Wednesday hosted by A Well Read Woman.  This meme asks us to look back at the books we’ve read that have had a particular impact on us.

starprinceThis week, I’m going to look at a book-on-cassette that I had growing up The Star Prince.

The Star Prince is one of a series of adapted science-fiction stories from AudiSee.   Advances in science have led to humanity being smarter than ever before — with a few exceptions.   One of those is Brand, the son of a academic couple.   Because his father, Morton,  chose to let Brand live instead of “disposing” of him as a baby, the family bears the stigma of raising him.  A career cross-roads, the father decides that he will take Brand to a space colony so he can find a life there.

Brand is excited about this because he’s had dreams since he was a young child of a forest by a lake.   However, the colony chosen may not have this particular feature.   Traveling to the colony, the family’s space ship breaks down and they’re forced to crash land on a planet that has the forest by the lake.   The planet’s inhabitants are a telepathic people who see Brand as their chosen leader, foretold as coming from the stars.

Running half an hour, The Star Prince is an interesting story.  Doing a bit of research, I see that the story was adapted by Raymond F. Jones from his novel The King of Eloim.   It makes for a pretty interesting story, full of excitement (space ship crashes, a creature that lives in the lake and rises up to attack the village) and some interesting ideas.   I had lost the book and cassette long ago to the ravages of time and was curious to hear it again.   Thanks to the power of the Internet, I was able to do so again recently — there are folks who have created YouTube videos with the original soundtrack and illustrations from the book.  (I had looked for the recording on Ebay and Amazon a few years ago, but then I saw the price tag!  Boy howdy!)

I’ll warn you that if you decide to watch/listen, the story was created in the late 70s and some of those attitudes are prevalent in the telling, especially when it comes to how various characters describe Brand and others who are like him.

One thing thing that struck me then and now is how shrill Brand’s mother, Arlee, comes across in the story.  She belittles Brand, his dreams and his father several times and is openly hostile to her son at several points.   She is bitter and resentful of his existence and his dreams.  She does eventually come around (sort of) but her entire attitude over the course of the story is one that is extremely selfish.

So if you’ve got half an hour, why not give it a listen.   I know I enjoyed the trip back down memory lane and I am curious to hear some of the other AudiSee adventures that people have posted to YouTube.


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4 responses to “Way Back Wednesday: The Star Prince

  1. You read (and listened to) a lot of cool books growing up!!! 🙂 Great post!

  2. The mom in this story just might keep me from reading it. Are there ANY female characters that are positively portrayed in the story?

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