Musing Mondays: Hardcover or softcover?


This week’s Monday Musings (hosted by A Daily Rhythm) asks us to look at the following random question. Do you prefer Hardcover, Trade Paperback, or Mass Market Paperback? Why?

Interesting to note that e-book isn’t included here.  🙂

If I’m collecting a book as part of a series or one that I might get signed, I generally prefer hardcover is available.  If I’m purchasing, I prefer mass market paperback because they’re more priced lower and it’s easier to take a large collection of them to my local used bookstore to trade in.

If I’m checking out from the library, I don’t really have a preference in most cases.

The one caveat I will put on it is when it comes to thicker books (like the longer tomes from Stephen King or George R.R. Martin) I prefer the e-book.  The last couple of 800+ pages books I read were heavy and could be unwieldy for the first quarter and the last quarter of the book.

And with that statement, I am off to get my early bird special at the Picadilly….


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2 responses to “Musing Mondays: Hardcover or softcover?

  1. ebooks are better in many ways. But if I must have a physical copy, I prefer mass market paperback.

  2. I used to buy lots of mass markets, but it’s so hard to read them without damaging the spines, and I just don’t like the way they look on my shelves. I usually buy a hardcover if I can find a really nice used copy, but I usually go with a trade paperback. I’ll buy ebooks if I’m going to be traveling.

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