Comic Book Friday: Spider-Man 2099, Volume 1: Out of Time

Spider-Man 2099, Vol. 1: Out of Time

Being a big fan of Peter David and Spider-Man, you’d think I’d have read the entire original run of Spider-Man 2099. And despite glowing recommendation from friends that I should pick up the books, I never did.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t stop in now that David and Marvel are picking up the series mantel once again.

And I’ll admit that while I may miss some of the nuances of this story, this collection of the first five issues of the new series never made me feel like I was being left behind. In fact, I’d argue that what David is doing here is every bit as enjoyable — maybe even more enjoyable — than what is being done with the flagship title for the Spider-Man universe.

Stuck out of time, our hero is trying to find his way home without messing up the time line too much. Along the way, he’s having some interesting adventures that span not only New York City but also the entire globe. David has always been a writer who can find ways to tell unique, fun stories in a corner of a particular universe that stay true to the universe but also explore some interesting areas and do some nice character work. (I’m looking at you New Frontier.

While I wouldn’t mistake the hero here for Peter Parker, there is enough of that sense of what makes Spidey so much fun to read (at least the way I remember it) that these issues flew by. The only negative is the final issue included which is forced to do some heavy lifting for what I can only assume will be an all-inclusive Spider-verse storyline that is coming up next. At this point, if I never see Morlun on the pages of a Spider-Man comic again, it will be too soon. Quite possibly the most overused or going back to the well one too many times the Spidey-verse has seen since Venom.


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