Musing Mondays: Similar Tastes


The start of a new week means it’s time again for Musing Mondays, hosted by the Broke and the Bookish.

This week’s random question asks:  Do you have people in your life (face-to-face) that are readers like you? Or, do you find that you have to reach out to those online in order to find like-minded folk?

It’s a little of both, actually.   I have friends, colleagues and family members who share my enjoyment of reading and I enjoy getting to occasionally discuss our reading and to share recommendations.

But I will also admit I’ve got a solid network of on-line friends who share my love of reading and who have similar (and many times very different) interests.   My on-line friends often help me find a book that I might have overlooked or not heard of yet or share a conversation about an old favorite.  Many times I find the conversation on social networking sites fascinating just to see the reactions various people have to books I’ve read or plan to read.  I try to avoid SPOILERS and so I may not read a full review until after I’ve finished the book in question.



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8 responses to “Musing Mondays: Similar Tastes

  1. Our answers are similar.

  2. I like your answer thanks for sharing!

  3. I also connect more to online friends when choosing books to read. And I love how others online have encouraged me to move out of my comfort zone. Thanks for sharing, and here are my BLUE MONDAYS MUSINGS

  4. I connect more with online friends as readers than my friends IRL. Most of them read different genres than me or slower so they are never prepared for a book club.

  5. While I do love chatting with my friends and family members about books, I always find so much joy in discovering other bloggers and readers online who feel the same way I do about my favorite books. I love making those connections and having exhilarating conversations via twitter and blogging.

  6. Your answer is very similar to mine – I do like talking about books face-to-face especially because I have a solid network of book bloggers so I can recommend more widely(and not just those that I enjoy) but talking to others who share your interest means that I find out about books that I may have missed. Now both elements are essential 🙂 Here is my MM

  7. I seem to have more online chums because of my hectic schedule. I am often talking books online at odd hours. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this question.

    My MM talks about my blogging week. You can visit me at

  8. Bit of both really , Not so many who share all my taste’s in reading but all who enjoy talking books:)

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