Monday Musings: Recycling Books


It’s Monday and time again for the Monday Musings hosted by Should Be Reading.

This week’s random topic asks:

What do you think about re-purposing old books (eg. into art journals, etc)? Why?

If the books are John Norman, I’m all for anything that gets them out of circulation and inflicting themselves upon unsuspecting readers.

Overall though, I prefer to take the books to a used bookstore to get trade credit or donate them to the local library or to a group that might use them.  Just because I’m finished with the book doesn’t mean that someone else might not enjoy reading it or someone else might want it.  Even a book I didn’t like could find a reader who likes it out there in the wide world.

Again, except for books by John Norman.  Because I despised every last second of the only book I’ve read by him.



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12 responses to “Monday Musings: Recycling Books

  1. I agree that most books will find a loving home elsewhere and I wouldn’t be tempted to reuse them as a journal. Here is my MM

  2. I agree – I would rather give to the local library used books store or to one of the non-profits that sell books in their thrift stores. I would not use it as a journal.

  3. Yes, I would rather recycle my books….but now I must find out what is hideous about the John Norman books…without actually reading one. LOL


  4. I read a translation like that once. It contained Balzac’s Pere Goriot and Eugenie Grandet. The absolute worst transalation. I burned it because I wasn’t about to give it away. Anyone who read it as their first Balzac would have been turned off the author forever.

  5. what did the poor man do?:) – and what happens if one cannot find someone who want’s a book? Libraries will only take certain books as do charity shops. A dying band of real second hand shops who are looking to their profits – tis a puzzle

  6. hlmorris85

    I like to use books for crafting. Not books that I think have life left in them, but old paperbacks and stuff are fair game as far as I’m concerned. (I work in a library and we get a LOT of grotty books from otherwise well-meaning people who don’t understand that we won’t put 30 yr old paperbacks or their never ending collections of Southern Living yearly cookbooks in the collection. I’ve made book wreaths, a secret compartment book, and I’m thinking about doing a decoupage coffee table type thing.

  7. I’m never at a loss to give away books to a good home. And I really have to check out Norman. Without reading his books, of course!! Here’s my MM link!
    Happy Reading!!!

  8. Wow- I don’t think I’ve ever heard you talk so harshly! I looked at your review of his book and totally agree with you. I wouldn’t give that man a dime for his trash.

  9. Something about “re-purposing” books feels really sinful. Maybe if the book was partially destroyed or something I’d be able to use it for a craft, but, like you said, I’d rather donate it to the library or a used bookstore.

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