Comic Book Friday: Avengers: Age of Ultron

Age of Ultron

In anticipation of the upcoming Avengers sequel, I decided to delve a bit into the comic book history of Ultron and his battles with the Avengers.

So when I saw my local library had a collected edition called “The Age of Ultron” I figured it might be a good starting point to get ready for the upcoming film.

Four-hundred or so pages and more issues than I can count later, I can only hope that Joss Whedon isn’t using this as inspiration from the upcoming film.*

*Based on the trailers I don’t think this is an issue, but you never know.

Comprising a ten issue mini-series and various one-offs featuring various parties battling against an army of Ultrons, this convoluted story drops readers in once the destruction has happened and the Earth is in the hands of our robotic Ultron overlords. As a last ditch solution, the team sends Wolverine and Sue Storm back in time to take out Hank Pym and prevent him from invented Ultron in the first place.

But, of course, tampering with time doesn’t always go well or exactly as expected as our heroes find out. It gets so convoluted in the middle third that I kept hoping Doc Brown would show up with his chalkboard and try to explain to some of these characters (and us) just what the alterations to the time lines had done. It sets up a LOT of multi-verses and one huge deux ex machine ending that, quite frankly, was better done in other science-fiction stories like War of the Worlds or even Independence Day.

And yet I kept on reading, somehow hoping this would all get better. It never really does.

Reflecting on it, I’m not certain which would have been more frustrating — reading this as it came out, month by month or reading it all in one large chunk like I did here.

Frustrating and overly long, this collection isn’t a good example of the kind of interesting storytelling that comics can and should do. It feels like a crossover without any weight and meant only to sell more issues to collectors and completists.


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2 responses to “Comic Book Friday: Avengers: Age of Ultron

  1. W

    Turns out events in Age of Ultron really did damage space-time and everything goes pear shaped and more or less reboots the Marvel Universe in the Secret Wars series coming this summer.

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