Monday Musings: Influential Author


Has any author ever had a huge influence on your reading? Who, and why?

Stephen King.

One of the things I like about King is not only does he write books that I enjoy reading, but he also shares his influences and offers recommendations. Reading these, I’ve been influenced to pick up books and authors that have also become favorites for me. It’s because of King’s recommendation that I started reading Richard Matheson and Laura Lippman, two of my favorite writers.

I’ve found that King’s recommendations are usually something I will enjoy 90% of the time. Every once in a while, he loves something that I find I don’t love (I liked but didn’t love Justin Cronin’s The Passage, for example), but that’s OK. He’s usually spot on the rest of the time.


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4 responses to “Monday Musings: Influential Author

  1. I have enjoyed several of SK’s books, and his more recent ones, like 11/22/63, were favorites. Thanks for sharing…and here’s my MUSING MONDAYS POST

  2. Have his book on writing –
    always a treat to find an author we like and don’t mind their reading influence 🙂

  3. I have promised myself at least one SK book in 2015, I’d always thought they weren’t for me until I read some reviews from bloggers – even better if he recommends books that you like! Here is my MM

  4. I don’t a single writer has had huge influence on me.

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