Review: Batman, Volume 4: Year Zero, Secret City

Batman, Vol. 4: Zero Year - Secret City

Scott Snyder has been creating waves in the comic book community ever since he took over as the lead writer for the Dark Knight with the rebooted New 52. After two great storylines, Snyder and his artistic team turn their sites on some of the most hallowed and sacred ground in the Batman canon — looking back on the famous and influential Year One storyline.

And doggone it, if Snyder and company don’t pull off the improbable — telling a story that isn’t designed to replace Year One but instead to enhance and maybe, just maybe tell us another side of the Batman origin story.

Set six years before the current Batman time frame, these first collected issues of Year Zero find Bruce Wayne returning to Gotham City. He’s been declared dead and he’s using that status to fight a one-man war on crime, as headed up by the Red Hood Gang. Despite several people asking Bruce to come back into the light and return to the living, he refuses, seeing his duty to save the city as a vigilante who uses various masks to disguise who he is. Frustrated by his lack of impact, the story chronicles how Bruce goes from a masked vigilante to the Bat. And just when you think the story might be done, things end on a well set-up cliffhanger, ensuring that I’ll be back for the next collection of issues.

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One response to “Review: Batman, Volume 4: Year Zero, Secret City

  1. Ben

    Have left Batman since New 52 but this looks interesting. Could be tempted to pick it up.

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