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The Flash: The Flash is Born, Power Outage

theflashGetting ready for tonight’s epic (or so the promos tell me) crossover event of The Flash and Arrow, I realized I hadn’t written up my thoughts on the last two installments of my favorite new series.

Both installments show the Flash comfortably growing into itself and hitting an early season stride that, quite frankly, it took Arrow half a season or so to find.   One of the elements of this show that I’ve really been enjoying is how much Barry enjoys being the Flash and how much he enjoys helping people.   This was nicely underscored in “Power Outage” with Barry having his powers removed and his growing frustration that he can’t help the team in the lab nor race to Iris and Joe’s rescue at the hands of the Clock King.*

* And given that it was a high-profile guest star in the role and that the character didn’t die in the end, I fully expect to see him return before season’s end. Continue reading

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